JDT embraces lambda expressions


Java 8 is coming. It is happening right here. Developers of your favorite Java IDE are participating in shaping this long awaited milestone for the Java ecosystem: On time with the GA of Java 8, JDT will ship its first release with support for developing in Java 8.

If you have a basic understanding of the new features in Java 8, come here and learn how the JDT team mastered the challenges of lifting the Eclipse Java IDE to the next language version.

The main focus of this talk will be on lambda expressions, touching also some changes in the libraries that leverage lambda expressions. We will expose some examples demonstrating the complexity of the language and mention some caveats which should help you avoid some unpleasent surprises.

We will demo how to get started using Java 8 in Eclipse and show the latest tool features for working with lambda expressions including new quick assists etc.

Finally, we'll give a retrospective discussion of the situation of the JDT team, in terms of team changes, contributors, deadlines, interaction with expert groups, with the Eclipse community, and more.


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Session Time Slot(s):
Grand Peninsula C - Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - 17:00 to 18:00


As Srikanth mentioned in the original proposal, we'd like to request an extended slot of 1 hour for this presentation. We do so in order to be able to react to the feedback from our presentation at ECE 2013, where people expressed the interest to hear more on Eclipse-specific aspects of the topic, to see more live demos etc. Of course we also expect that we'll have a lot more to show in March. Noopur will join us specifically to show new features in JDT/UI.

This submission is designed to be the main talk on Java 8 in Eclipse, a secondary talk (regular length) has been separated out as "JDT embraces type annotations".

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