GEF4 - There's really something going on!


The GEF4 initiative, created 2 years ago, has finally taken up some speed. While a new GEF4 Geometry component had already been finalized in the Juno development stream, migration and refactoring of further parts of the GEF 3.x / Zest 1.x code base has been our main focus since.

As we plan to generally replace Draw2d with JavaFX as a rendering front end, we have initiated a new GEF4 SwtFX component for backwards compatibility reasons. It allows to embed SWT controls into a JavaFX scene graph if the scene in turn is embedded into a specialized FXCanvas (SwtFXCanvas).

Accordingly, we have also initiated a new GEF4 MVC component that relies on Java FX as a rendering front end and is intended to replace GEF 3.x MVC as the basis for building up rich graphical editors. It transfers some of the proven GEF 3.x MVC concepts, but indeed is a major redesign that is built up pretty much from scratch.

In addition to this, we have sketched first ideas of visualization independent GEF4 Layouts and GEF4 Graph components, originating from the Zest code base.

I want to take this opportunity to provide some details about our current status quo, furthermore outlining our ideas and visions.


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Grand Peninsula G - Tuesday, March 18, 2014 - 14:15 to 14:50