FAST TOPHOO cooking with Papyrus


With the advent of Papyrus, Eclipse proposes now a powerful UML/SysML editor. But while UML and SysML cover most modeling needs, it is nevertheless often required to customize them for two reasons:

  • Most end-users only need to use a small part of them and are perturbed by the wide range of concepts available,
  • Some domain specific concepts are not covered in spite of the richness of the languages.

Fortunately, Papyrus offers full customization capabilities, from the support of UML profiles to the specialization of its Graphical User Interface. This talk illustrates those capabilities with 2 customizations made for AIRBUS:

  • FAST: a functional analysis environment dedicated to aircraft system engineering,
  • and TOPHOO: an avionics software design environment loosely based on HOOD concepts.

Beyond the presentation of those environments, we intent to share our return of experience: strength and weakness of this approach in terms of development, deployment, maintenance and support to the end-users.


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Grand Peninsula B - Thursday, March 20, 2014 - 15:00 to 15:35