"Extreme" git branching for continuous delivery


Moving to Git unleashes the power of development branches and opens up a whole new level of agility for your team. Without the clunky overhead of arbitrary code freezes and monolithic mega-merges that plague centralized version control, developers can isolate work in progress with ease.

Taken to it's logical extreme, developers create branches for each story and bug fix they work on. But this is not "extreme" at all - unless you mean "extremely useful". By the end of this session, you will understand…
* How a branch-per-story model helps teams deliver working code in a continuous stream
* What the workflow looks like for individual developers
* How it integrates with your existing continuous integration and code review practices
* Trade-offs to consider when evaluating this model

This session assumes a basic understanding of version control systems and agile development practices.

Git ready, Git set... go!


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Grand Peninsula A - Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - 15:00 to 15:35


It may not be - I debated on the beginner vs. intermediate designation.

Based on conversations I've had with people at various companies, branching strategy/workflows isn't the first thing they tackle when they move to Git. Seems like that's often a "phase 2" thing. On the other hand, this talk is designed to be helpful not just for teams that are already using GIt, but also for teams currently deciding if they want to switch.

If the session is accepted, I'd be happy to submit a detailed outline far enough in advance that we can figure out the beginner vs. intermediate thing before the programs go to press.

ps: Or were you thinking this should be an advanced session? If so, I need to revise the proposal, 'cuz this will be much higher level than server-side hooks or rebasing! ;o)

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