Exploratory testing and session-based test management


Automated testing rocks, don’t get me wrong. But a good test strategy involves knowing when to automate and when to get your hands dirty with some manual testing.

Before you fall asleep – manual testing doesn’t have to mean boring repetition. In fact, manual testing can be exciting, revitalizing and helpful for the project and the software quality. And everyone has to do it at some point or another – so it’s worth working on making it better.

In this talk, Alex presents another “tool” for your testing toolbox – exploratory testing. It’s a systematic method of testing without using manual testing scripts. She starts by explaining why this kind of testing should be done at least sometimes in every project before getting into the details of how it works.

To round off the session, she’ll introduce session-based test management – a good way of managing exploratory testing so that you know what has been tested and what is still to do.

If you think that manual testing is always boring, if you think that testing is just “clicking around” or if you want to improve your standard of manual testing, then come along to this session. 


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Grand Peninsula C - Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - 11:15 to 11:50