Mon, 2013-11-18 10:46

Equinox Framework: A Happier OSGi R6 Implementation

At EclipseCon last year [1] I gave a talk on the plans to do a major redesign of the Equinox core framework for the Luna release. Now that we are in the middle of the Luna development cycle I will give an update on the overall progress of this effort and some of the challenges faced while doing such a major change to a core piece of the Eclipse platform. A majority of the development effort for Luna is focused on refactoring and, in many cases, rewriting the core Equinox Framework implementation to be based on the OSGi generic dependency model.

Fri, 2013-11-15 04:07

Apache Stratos - Building a PaaS using OSGi and Equinox

Apache Stratos is a PaaS built on top of Equinox and OSGi. Stratos runs all kinds of workloads including Java, OSGi, Tomcat apps, PHP, Node.js, MySQL, Mongo, Cassandra and others.
This session is an introduction to Stratos which will cover:
- How to get started
- Deploying on Amazon AWS and OpenStack Clouds
- Workloads Stratos supports
- Why and how Equinox is used
- Multi-tenancy and security
- Elastic scaling
- How Stratos compares to other PaaS systems

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