Emerging Standards - the Bleeding Edge Inside of Orion


Instead of creating its own foundational layer in JavaScript, the Orion project decided to build directly on the HTML5 browser platform. At the same time the team has invested in working with the W3C/WhatWG and ECMA to help improve those APIs most relevant to bringing a browser-based IDE to life.

Many of the standards Orion uses are still in active development so the team has developed techniques like the use of polyfills and test suites to help validate and provide feedback for these emerging API. Examples include HTML Templates, LocalFileSystem, URI Templates, and Promises. This approach is beginning to pay off and as the latest browsers provide native implementations we're removing swaths of code from the Orion core and moving closer to zero footprint.

Come see how Orion creates and leverages these bleeding edge technologies and how we ultimately plan to make our core obsolete.

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Grand Peninsula F - Thursday, March 20, 2014 - 11:00 to 11:35