EcoreTools 2.0: The Luna revival


EcoreTools is one of the prominent graphical modelers in Eclipse: it's pretty much the first step users discovering EMF are taking. Yet the project got little love over the years since the original team stepped out.

This is changing for the Eclipse Luna cycle as the Sirius project enables the creation of rich modeling environment very quickly. A complete rewrite of the modeler is being done with in the end :

  • a better user experience
  • new features designed for Ecore power users
  • a fraction of the original code
  • robustness and integration with other Modeling technologies

This talk present the new features and how they've been designed, implemented, tested using Eclipse Sirius. This should be of interest for you either if you use Ecore and/or if you plan to create your own modeler using Eclipse Modeling technologies.

Compared to the talk given at EclipseCon Europe this talk will focus a bit more on EcoreTools 2.0 itself and less on the Sirius principles and concepts, with more new features having been introduced in the meantime and more demos.

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Grand Peninsula G - Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - 10:30 to 11:05