Delivering "native" Eclipse software packages


Everyone knows that SAT4J, P2 and Eclipse are written in Java, because of Java's overall greatness (and portability). However, the portability often means similar behaviour on different platforms, which is great for many, many things, but not for the installation management.

Users expect software to be installed in a "native" way, using system installers. It is pretty easy to build a "working" solution, but getting a right solution was nearly impossible, mostly due to the number of possible interferences between P2 and the native installer.

This talk covers the work that is being done in order to make P2 and native installers working together, with a special focus on RPM (just special focus, but not limited to). As a result of this work, it will be possible to:
* install Eclipse together with Java on a system without jre.
* have Eclipse installation that can be verified with CRC
* leverage existing system installers (f.e. revert to previous version when Eclipse can't start).

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Grand Peninsula C - Tuesday, March 18, 2014 - 13:30 to 14:05