Creating complex BPM Solutions


The Eclipse SOA top level project is a rich ecosystem of solutions that can be used to build industrial-strength BPM and SOA solutions. This symposium aims to give a taste of the scope of the various projects that compose Eclipse SOA, their interoperability and the recent new developments in this space, like the OASIS TOSCA standard, where Cloud applications can be provisioned, managed and deprovisioned with management plans modeled using workflows.

After a brief introduction to the overall project and a presentation of what's new, the symposium will illustrate how SOA and BPM concepts can be leveraged to build end-to-end solutions. We will start with domain specific descriptions and end up with executable services and business processes with portal and mobile components – all based on components of the SOA Platform Project.

We will explain and demo how to

  • define a business process model in a domain language via Mangrove,
  • create HTML5-based UI components on Orion as further building blocks for the process model specified above,
  • enrich the initial process model in the Stardust Browser Modeler integrated in Orion to create an end-to-end process model
  • alternatively view and edit the process model using the Eclipse BPMN2 Modeler
  • deploy all of the above to an executable process model on Stardust with web-based and mobile portals, and finally
  • bring monitoring information back into the Eclipse environment to augment the process editors.​

In the TOSCA-part of the demonstration, we will explain and demo how to

  • define an application topology in TOSCA using Winery,
  • model a management plan with the BPMN4TOSCA part of Winery,
  • export the application package,
  • deploy the application package on OpenTOSCA and run it using OpenTOSCA and Stardust as Workflow Engine.