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Mon, 2013-11-18 13:38

Best of both worlds: performing a complete Gerrit review without leaving your Eclipse environment with Eclipse Gerrit Review plugin.

You like Gerrit for code reviews! You like the Eclipse IDE! You wonder, why they are not accessible together? Good news, with the new Eclipse Gerrit Review plugin, it is now possible to perform Gerrit reviews while staying in Eclipse. Up until now, software developers have been coding in Eclipse and have had to switch out to a Web navigator to perform a Gerrit review. This talk aims to demonstrate another way of performing a Gerrit review.

Sat, 2013-11-16 18:19

Code Matters - Eclipse Hacker's Git Guide

Want to learn Git and use it within Eclipse? You already work with Git since a while and don't know how to use some of the more advanced concepts? You are already a proficient Git user but don't use code review ? Or you want to contribute some improvement to EGit or Gerrit and don't know how ?

In this tutorial you will learn through hands-on exercises how to use EGit, Gerrit and a code review workflow to help your team focus on better code.

We will use the EGit project as an example so that you can help us improving it using what you learnt in this tutorial.

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