Choose Your Own BIRT Integration Adventure (presented by Actuate)


BIRT is the most powerful framework available to developers to add Data Visualization and Reporting capability to their application. However designing compelling visualizations with the BIRT Designer is only part of the solution. To create a seamless application experience, developers must use the right BIRT APIs to integrate BIRT with their application. BIRT is comprised of many integration components that can be employed in different ways in various applications. This presentation will walk you through the BIRT Architecture. This talk will cover the various integration methods and demonstrate integration of various platforms that will illustrate common problems and pitfalls of integrating BIRT. These platforms include:
• Regular Old Java Applications
• JSP environment
• Servlets
• Google Web Toolkit
• Non-Java based environments
Additionally, this talk will cover:
• Proper handling of the Report Engine API
• Handling multiple requests
• Proper disposal of report tasks

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Grand Peninsula E - Tuesday, March 18, 2014 - 16:15 to 16:50