Building a commercial-grade debugger based on TCF


The Eclipse Target Communication Framework (TCF) is known as a mechanism for discovering targets, doing file transfer and launching programs. But TCF is much more than that: it has all the API's and modular building blocks for creating a modern, componentized debugger that can interface well with tracing and profiling tools.

Since 2013, commercial products fully built on TCF have started hitting the market. We will demo the Open Source TCF debugger, along with its unique capabilities. We'll explain the API's that need to be implemented to port the debugger to a new target architecture, and how commercial vendors have extended the Open Source debugger. Finally, we will touch on the Python and Lua scripting interfaces and how they can be used to provide completely new interfaces to targets and debuggers easily.

You're going to leave the session with a good understanding of what TCF is, what's available in Open Source, how others leverage it and what you can expect moving forward.

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Harbour - Thursday, March 20, 2014 - 11:45 to 12:20


Thanks John, I've added the acronym explanation and generally revamped the abstract to better align with what I think EclipseCon attendees will want to hear.

If anyone has a question about TCF or the talk that they would like to be factored in, I'm happy to do that - just leave a comment here.

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