Bringing Order to Complexity with RxJava


The power of reactive programming comes with a certain amount of implementation overhead. Building a high-performance App that combines data from multiple sources while remaining responsive and resilient to failure can easily become hellishly complicated.

This talk will provide a brief introduction to RxJava and how you can use it to build beautiful, high-performance, responsive applications in VertX.

RxJava is the Netflix implementation of the Rx Observables library. It introduces the concept of an Observable which represents an asynchronous data stream (which could be a network connection, filesystem or another Verticle) and provides a set of operators that allow you to process and combine streams to implement complex operations with consistent error handling.

I will introduce mod-rxvertx, which provides an Observable interface for all asynchronous interfaces in VertX and some additional framework code to make building Verticles using RxJava as simple as possible.

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Grand Peninsula B - Tuesday, March 18, 2014 - 13:30 to 14:05