A Bridge Too Far? - How To Navigate Eclipse's Remote Frameworks


Not surprisingly, Eclipse provides a plethora of remote frameworks, either directly in the platform, or in a variety of projects, including ECF, PTP, RSE, and others. These frameworks cover a broad range of remote functionality - from accessing files and resources remotely, to building distributed servers and tools. Unfortunately, these frameworks have tended to grow organically, so there has been little, if any, coordination between the efforts. Because of this, deciding which framework best meets a particular requirement can be challenging, and has resulted in some projects "growing their own." In this presentation, we present a brief overview of the various frameworks that are currently available, and discuss the key attributes of each. We then make some proposals for how to better coordinate the provision of Eclipse remote services so that these problems can be minimized in the future, and developers looking to remote enable their applications and tools will have all the resources the require at their fingertips.


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Grand Peninsula A - Thursday, March 20, 2014 - 11:00 to 11:35