Best of both worlds: performing a complete Gerrit review without leaving your Eclipse environment with Eclipse Gerrit Review plugin.


You like Gerrit for code reviews! You like the Eclipse IDE! You wonder, why they are not accessible together? Good news, with the new Eclipse Gerrit Review plugin, it is now possible to perform Gerrit reviews while staying in Eclipse. Up until now, software developers have been coding in Eclipse and have had to switch out to a Web navigator to perform a Gerrit review. This talk aims to demonstrate another way of performing a Gerrit review. Indeed the plugin introduces new views to your Eclipse IDE‘s current perspective which enable the Gerrit review process: a Gerrit Dashboard, a review editor and a review view synchronized with the editor showing all comments in a tabular way.

The presentation will show how easily a user can browse through available reviews using the Gerrit dashboard view, select a review directly, open a Review editor, fetch from the review editor the version under review into the Eclipse workspace, select any files associated to a commit, open the eclipse compare view and navigate through the code differences which is another way to see the comments. When completed, one can publish and push comments to the Gerrit server without leaving the Eclipse environment. Also, features such as multiple Gerrit servers’ definition will be demonstrated as well as how easy one can switch from a Gerrit server to another. Finally, the audience will learn how they can still leverage on the existing Eclipse features you have come to like so much such as using the key “F3” to open the class declaration, etc. for quick access during a code review session.

This tool is for all Eclipse open source committers and developers, we hope to see you all  and get your feedback on how to make your code reviewer easier at Eclipse.


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Grand Peninsula C - Tuesday, March 18, 2014 - 16:15 to 16:50