Automating tests with Jubula


Eclipse Jubula is a tool for writing automated GUI tests that can be used as acceptance tests and/or regression tests. Its main aim is to help teams:

  • Communicate openly and frequently about testing
  • Look at features from the test perspective – early on and continuously
  • Answer questions like: does it (still) work? Does it do what the user wants?
  • Gain a valuable overview over the quality status on a regular basis
  • Make testing something that goes hand-in-hand with development
  • Reduce the amount of time spent doing boring manual tests and free the team up to do more creative manual testing
  • Keep their automated tests up-to-date with minimal effort.

Jubula is different from other GUI testing tools in that:

  • No programming knowledge is required to write tests
  • Tests fit better into agile processes, and support acceptance-test-driven development, since capture-replay is not used
  • Tests are designed to be easy to maintain

Who should attend?

This tutorial is aimed at beginners to Jubula, who want to learn to write their first tests in a friendly atmosphere, find their way around the tool with other budding Jubula test-automators, and ask any questions on the way. In the 3 hours, we’ll spend as much time as possible doing hands-on work with the tool.

We’ll cover aspects such as:

  • The basics of writing and executing a test
  • More complex test and synchronization scenarios
  • Tests in the lifecycle: what happens when things change?
  • Best practices for test structure
  • Continuous integration and test analysis
  • Code coverage
  • Reporting
  • ALM integration

Participants should come with a laptop where Jubula is already installed. The installation pack will be made available before the conference.


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Grand Peninsula C - Monday, March 17, 2014 - 13:00 to 16:00