Author Models Textually - No Matter How Big They Are!


We all know that real-life models become big over time. To support these big models, CDO provides a scalable model repository to reliably collaborate on these big models and to persist them in a database. But the conventional tree, form, or diagram editors are somewhat intricate. When authoring an EMF model, many people prefer the convenience of textual editing.

Xtext provides this convenience with a multitude of supporting tools, such as syntax coloring, content assist, and live checking. But Xtext saves the edited models as text files which cannot be handled by CDO. If Xtext editors need to be integrated into a CDO-enabled application, the different persistence strategies, which are reflected in different Resource implementations, are not directly compatible. Therefore, they cannot be tied together intuitively.

The solution lies in using EMFCompare as a bridge technology which can be used to record differences in one model and to apply these differences as patch to another one. This can be used to solve the limitations described above. I will show how an application can be created which integrates the scalable persistence and collaboration technologies of CDO with the strengths of textual editing of models in an Xtext editor.

See a 4 minute teaser video of the demo application at


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Grand Peninsula C - Tuesday, March 18, 2014 - 14:15 to 14:50