Standard [35 minutes]

Sun, 2013-11-17 14:49

Creating an Intranet of Things with Eclipse SmartHome

New IoT gadgets are hitting the market every single day. Since most of them only connect to their own proprietary backend, they usually do not interact with each other. Overarching automation logic is hardly possible in those setups - the Eclipse SmartHome project seeks to overcome the challenges of interoperability and introduces a highly flexible architecture perfectly tailored to the needs of developers.

Sun, 2013-11-17 12:25

Modeling and Monitoring Business Processes with Mangrove, BPMN2 Editor and Stardust

Initially started as independent entities, the various projects that form the Eclipse SOA ecosystem are beginning to converge towards a more unified set of tools. This session will present and quickly demonstrate a simple scenario that shows how the existing tools can be used by anybody to model and monitor business processes, all without leaving the IDE.

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Sun, 2013-11-17 09:18

Advanced Use of Eclipse 4's Dependency Injection Framework

Eclipse 4 provides a JSR330-compliant Dependency injection (DI) framework, and DI is used within Eclipse 4 to shield consumers from having to know how or where to access the many workbench services provided. But Eclipse 4's flexible DI implementation is capable of much more. This talk will cover the basics including how the IEclipseContext works, and how DI can be leveraged in Eclipse 3.x components. The talk will focus on how developers can configure, use, and extend Eclipse 4's DI for their own applications, how to define new injection suppliers, and defining custom annotations.

Sun, 2013-11-17 07:27

Author Models Textually - No Matter How Big They Are!

We all know that real-life models become big over time. To support these big models, CDO provides a scalable model repository to reliably collaborate on these big models and to persist them in a database. But the conventional tree, form, or diagram editors are somewhat intricate. When authoring an EMF model, many people prefer the convenience of textual editing.

Sun, 2013-11-17 07:20

Being Amazon for Software Developers. How 39 million click events make your IDE a smarter place.

We all love Amazon. Just because it makes buying the right books and products so easy. And if we don’t know exactly what we are looking for? We can check out what thousands of other users liked and bought before, giving us a very good impression which product we should buy - and which better not.

Fri, 2013-11-15 21:40

Developing Dart Editor

After a brief introduction to the Dart programming language, which will highlight some of the features that make tooling interesting, we will describe the development of the Dart Editor over the past two years. The Dart Editor provides a powerful, yet lightweight programming experience for Dart programmers. It was created with Eclipse technology and is distributed as an RCP application as well as a set of plugins for Eclipse itself. We'll cover some of the techniques we used to create a small, fast program that is easy to install.

Fri, 2013-11-15 16:22

NASA VERVE: interactive 3D visualization within Eclipse

At NASA, we develop myriad Eclipse RCP applications to provide situational awareness for remote systems. The Intelligent Robotics Group at NASA Ames Research Center has developed VERVE - a high-performance, robot user interface that provides scientists, robot operators, and mission planners with powerful, interactive 3D displays of remote environments.


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