Standard [35 minutes]

Mon, 2013-11-18 16:50

Go Reactive: Event-Driven, Scalable, Resilient & Responsive Systems

The demands and expectations for applications have changed dramatically in recent years. Applications today are deployed on a wide range of infrastructure; from mobile devices up to thousands of nodes running in the cloud—all powered by multi-core processors. They need to be rich and collaborative, have a real-time feel with millisecond response time and should never stop running. Additionally, modern applications are a mashup of external services that need to be consumed and composed to provide the features at hand.

Mon, 2013-11-18 16:49

Building a full-product installer using P2

P2 provides a great framework for installing and updating Eclipse-based products. Often, a commercial product needs to include a standalone installer that can provide installation of binary files, product shortcuts, operating system add/remove entries, additions to the system path and driver installation, among other operations.

This talk will present a standalone p2-based installer that we’ve developed at Mentor Graphics. We will show how it was used for our product installer and how it can be extended and customized by others.

Mon, 2013-11-18 16:36

The Top 10 JavaScript Frameworks and the Communities Behind Them

Trying to decide which JavaScript UI framework will best meet the needs of your project and organization? With ten strong contenders, there’s a lot to consider. Over the past few years there has been tremendous growth in the open source community surrounding UX libraries and frameworks. And while plenty has been written comparing the use of, approach to, and completeness of these frameworks, there is more to explore about the size, strength and momentum of the communities and ecosystems surrounding them before you make your decision.

Mon, 2013-11-18 15:24

Leverage VJET JS Eclipse IDE and Headless Tools for NodeJS Development

VJET JavaScript IDE is an Eclipse plugin that provides a fully integrated development environment for JavaScript.

This session will focus on updates to VJET to support nodejs and future work.

* Code Assistance for typed modules
* Code Search
* Syntax and Semantic Checking
* Type Declarations using VJETDoc
* Extensions for factory functions
* Execution/Debugging
* Headless validator
* Other Eclipse Recommended NodeJS plugins

Mon, 2013-11-18 14:57

Netty 4 - A look behind the scenes

The internet and network is getting more important with every single day. So it may not be surprising to see that almost every Application needs to interact over at least one of them these days. But writing high-performing Network Applications is not easy, especially if you expect to serve ten of thousands of concurrent connections.

Netty is an asynchronous event driven Network Framework which will you help to full-fill those requirements in an efficient and simple way while still
provide an easy to use API which makes your code easy to extend and maintain.

Mon, 2013-11-18 14:54

Designing applications handling space and time

This talk is a synopsis of new Eclipse projects from the LocationTech working group.

These projects enable you to develop applications and services with spatial awareness. Some of the projects can handle huge amounts of data with grace.

As just a few examples:

Use JTS to give your software spatial awareness.

Use GeoGit for spatial data versioning and editing to unlock the power of crowd sourcing using data from OpenStreetMap, Oracle Spatial, Microsoft SQL server, PostGIS, and more.

Mon, 2013-11-18 13:51

API Design in Java 8

For the first time in many years, Java 8 has brought powerful new tools for designers of APIs in Java. This talk will look at new constructs such as lambda expressions, default methods, method references, and type annotations in the context of how they can be applied to API design. We will look at how these constructs can be introduced in a compatible way, and how they can evolve once introduced. The age old question of interfaces versus abstract classes in API design will also be revisited.

Mon, 2013-11-18 13:38

Best of both worlds: performing a complete Gerrit review without leaving your Eclipse environment with Eclipse Gerrit Review plugin.

You like Gerrit for code reviews! You like the Eclipse IDE! You wonder, why they are not accessible together? Good news, with the new Eclipse Gerrit Review plugin, it is now possible to perform Gerrit reviews while staying in Eclipse. Up until now, software developers have been coding in Eclipse and have had to switch out to a Web navigator to perform a Gerrit review. This talk aims to demonstrate another way of performing a Gerrit review.


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