Standard [35 minutes]

Sat, 2014-03-15 18:55

SOA Symposium: Workflow and Integration Open Bar

At the symposium, projects leads of these active SOA projects

  • BPMN2 Modeler - Full BPMN2 Modeling in Eclipse
  • Mangrove - BPM and SOA Model Integration
  • Winery - The Only Open Source Tool with Full Support of the Cloud Software Standard TOSCA
  • Stardust - The Largest Open Source BPM Suite in the Industry

will demonstrate their latest features, such as

  • Stardust Mobile Workflow
  • Winery General Funcationality

We will also discuss and show integration among the above projects, such as

Thu, 2014-01-16 05:31

Java ME 8: Bringing Java to the Internet of Things

We are on the cusp of the 3rd IT revolution where embedded systems are dramatically expanding their reach, adding unprecedented processing capabilities and connectivity to create the Internet of Things (IoT). Java ME 8 defines a new Java standard (JSR 360 + 361) for a purpose-built embedded platform to meet the needs of the Internet of Things for robust, highly functional, flexible, cross-platform software intelligence. Java ME 8 is aligned with Java SE 8 and scales from very small microcontroller devices up to powerful embedded systems.

Fri, 2014-01-10 20:47

Java SE 8 Compact Profiles for Embedded Development

Java SE 8 has a new Compact Profiles feature that allows for three new specification-compliant subsets of Java SE 8 APIs. Compact Profiles enable the creation of Java SE 8 runtimes that support configurations that previously were possible only with the CDC version of Java ME based on the Java SE 1.4.2 language and APIs. This session describes the contents of Compact Profiles, how to build and use them, and the details of the Oracle-provided OpenJDK and binary implementations for Java SE Embedded.

Tue, 2014-01-07 15:40

What's new in JavaFX8

JavaFX has come a long way from the dark days of JavaFX 1 - with its
mandatory scripting language JavaFXScript - to the revamped JavaFX 2
providing a Java-API JavaFX8 is entering the area of being business ready

We'll look at the new features coming with JavaFX8 like:
* Support for the emerging markets of IoT
* The new 3d supported introduced
* New controls like TreeTableView introduce
* ...

and will close up with a look into the future directions JavaFX could go
like running on iOS and Android devices.

Tue, 2014-01-07 15:40

New Features in Java SE 8

Lambda expressions, Date and Time API and Annotations on types are the three most talked about new features in Java SE 8. However, there are literally hundreds more functionality updates and usability improvements that all serious Java developers should know about. This talk will highlight the top new features and improvements you should know about with a live demonstration of an end to end application taking advantage of new Java 8 enhancements.

Tue, 2013-11-26 07:47

M2M Lightning Talks

The M2M Lightning Talks are a series of short (10-minute) talks that highlight different aspects of open IoT and M2M development. We are adding talks as the descriptions become available.

Using Kafka to Scale MQTT
Tim Kellogg, 2lemetry

At 2lemetry we've built an MQTT broker that scales horizontally - even in worst case scenarios. Come hear about the challenges in making MQTT scale and how we used Apache Kafka to address some of those issues.

Fri, 2013-11-22 21:14

Edit, Compile, & Debug 45 million lines of Unix C++ code from any box using Eclipse.

PayPal’s huge C++ code base relies on a specific Unix version in order to compile and run, so compiling and running PayPal’s C++ code base on a Windows box is not an option. Running Eclipse on the Unix box with a terminal emulator is a quick solution for local developers, but for developers from different states or countries, the latency factor would make it unusable. PayPal developed its own custom Eclipse plugins which would allow users to overcome the latency issue and to have a full local Eclipse experience, which includes edit, compile, and debugging, from any box.

Fri, 2013-11-22 21:12

Multi-cloud deployment with Docker

Docker is an open-source engine that automates the deployment of any application as a lightweight, portable, self-sufficient container that will run virtually anywhere. The same container that a developer builds and tests on a laptop can run at scale, in production, on VMs, bare metal, OpenStack clusters, public clouds and more

This talk will introduce you to Docker and demonstrate Docker in action.

Tue, 2013-11-19 04:48

Developing and running a large Eclipse RT cluster based on Eclipse Gyrex: An experience report

3 years ago we started to develop a multi-tenant eCommerce application based on Eclipse Gyrex and other Eclipse RT technologies for one of our big customers. Our application runs in several data centers and provides a REST-based eCommerce API, which by now powers more than 60 Online Shop frontends.


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