Vert.x Day

Mon, 2013-11-18 21:50

Vertigo - Leveraging Vert.x for Reliable Event Processing

With the recent revolution in data processing, the industry has seen the rise in popularity of real-time data processing platforms. But most of these platforms are standalone systems which turn out to be difficult to integrate with other applications. What about users who want a reliable framework that integrates seamlessly with any Vert.x application? Vertigo is a stream processing framework that leverages the Vert.x platform to provide a reliable, fault-tolerant event processing API that can be easily integrated into any Vert.x application.

This session will cover everything you need to know about how Vertigo works. Additionally, it will explore how Vertigo uses Vert.x features to provide fault-tolerance and at-least-once message processing guarantees, as well as alternatives to its approach within the context of Vert.x.

Mon, 2013-11-18 21:05

Bringing Order to Complexity with RxJava

The power of reactive programming comes with a certain amount of implementation overhead. Building a high-performance App that combines data from multiple sources while remaining responsive and resilient to failure can easily become hellishly complicated.

This talk will provide a brief introduction to RxJava and how you can use it to build beautiful, high-performance, responsive applications in VertX.

Mon, 2013-11-18 14:57

Netty 4 - A look behind the scenes

The internet and network is getting more important with every single day. So it may not be surprising to see that almost every Application needs to interact over at least one of them these days. But writing high-performing Network Applications is not easy, especially if you expect to serve ten of thousands of concurrent connections.

Netty is an asynchronous event driven Network Framework which will you help to full-fill those requirements in an efficient and simple way while still
provide an easy to use API which makes your code easy to extend and maintain.

Mon, 2013-11-18 12:05

An introduction to Vert.x

Vert.x is a lightweight, high performance, application platform for the JVM that's designed for modern mobile, web, and enterprise applications.

In this talk you will be presented with an overview of Vert.x - what it is, and what it can be used for, and with the help of a few demonstrations, we'll take you on a tour of it's main features, including the clustered event bus, the module system and high availability.

Tue, 2013-10-15 19:00

Vert.x on OpenShift

This session is straight forward yet still amazing. In 35 minutes we will spin up a Vert.x instance, merge in a Java based project, then add a Python project, and finally do some web sockets. Openshift will allow us to spin up Vert.x with one command and have it running both with normal HTTP and with Web Sockets. From there we can play with all the Vert.x features our heart desires. Oh and did I mention you can run all of this (along with your database) for free. Come in for minimal slides and a lot demo with questions and answers - what could be better.

Wed, 2013-10-09 12:53

Building Vert.x applications with Clojure

Clojure has recently joined the panoply of languages that is supported natively by Vert.x. In this talk, we'll explore how Clojure's functional nature and REPL-driven development model are excellent techniques for developing on the Vert.x platform. We'll also look at some of the projects in the Clojure+Vert.x ecosystem that allow you to develop Clojure+Vert.x applications the same way you would develop any other Clojure application.

Tue, 2013-10-01 14:03

Using Spring Framework in a Vert.x world

Vert.x is an amazing asynchronous event-driven framework to create extremely fast, powerful and extensible applications. However, it is a low level framework and doesn't add some great functionality of higher level application frameworks like Spring and Dependency Injection, as well as many other great libraries like Spring Data, Spring Integration, Hibernate, Shiro, etc. These frameworks and libraries have been used for a long time on many complex applications.

Wouldn't it be great if you could combine the two. Greatly increasing your productivity to finishing your applications.

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