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Mon, 2014-02-17 07:46

Introducing new project: RCP Testing Tool (presented by Xored)

We believe that UI testing tool should not be a swiss-army knife which covers all possible UI platforms, but be a highly specialized tool with a focus on a single platform, bringing the best possible support of it.

For years we've been working on a UI testing tool with best possible support of Eclipse platform and underlying technologies, and this year we are happy to announce that we are open-sourcing the most part of it. Meet RCP Testing Tool!

Mon, 2013-11-18 11:53

Vaaclipse - e4 meets Vaadin

Some years ago eclipse foundation introduced their amazing ideas concerning e4. The UI should not be related to SWT anymore, but different ui technologies should be available. Eclipse implemented a UI renderer for SWT.
Rushan Gillmulin started a project called Vaaclipse. It is based on the e4 runtime and adds a Vaadin UI renderer. So an RCP application based on e4 and Vaadin UI can be implemented properly.

In my talk i am going to demo how easy it is, to implement an RCP application using Vaaclipse.

Mon, 2013-11-18 11:42

Migrating from Eclipse 3.X to Eclipse 4.X - The iAware Story

At its core, the iAware team develops a reusable application platform built on top of the Eclipse RCP framework to provide the ability to create targeted healthcare workflow applications. As such when making the decision to upgrade from Eclipse 3.X to Eclipse 4.X we had to balance the cost and risk with the expected gains that the new feature set will bring; especially in our case where the end-user doesn't see the changes but would definitely feel them if things don't work right.

Mon, 2013-11-18 10:09

Integration tests for RCP made easy with SWTBot and Tycho

Although we live in a modular world, it will always make sense to write and run integration-tests that allow the testing of the whole application, and not just a module. These integration-tests are often the only way to test real usage scenarios that rely on multiple modules and that can be affected by other modules and by the packaging of your application.

Mon, 2013-11-18 09:16

Hitchhiker Guide to Eclipse Presentation Frameworks galaxy

There you were, with the ultimate Eclipse/RCP application, ready to select the perfect presentation framework to design your own user interface. Little did you know that you were about to open Pandora's box! Indeed, with the plethora of existing projects serving this purpose in Eclipse, selecting a presentation framework can happen to be quite a daunting task.

Presentation frameworks have been a hot topic in the Eclipse ecosystem these past few years. Many projects have emerged to bring new alternatives to design graphical interfaces for RCP applications.

Mon, 2013-11-18 06:04

GEF4 - There's really something going on!

The GEF4 initiative, created 2 years ago, has finally taken up some speed. While a new GEF4 Geometry component had already been finalized in the Juno development stream, migration and refactoring of further parts of the GEF 3.x / Zest 1.x code base has been our main focus since.

As we plan to generally replace Draw2d with JavaFX as a rendering front end, we have initiated a new GEF4 SwtFX component for backwards compatibility reasons. It allows to embed SWT controls into a JavaFX scene graph if the scene in turn is embedded into a specialized FXCanvas (SwtFXCanvas).

Sun, 2013-11-17 09:18

Advanced Use of Eclipse 4's Dependency Injection Framework

Eclipse 4 provides a JSR330-compliant Dependency injection (DI) framework, and DI is used within Eclipse 4 to shield consumers from having to know how or where to access the many workbench services provided. But Eclipse 4's flexible DI implementation is capable of much more. This talk will cover the basics including how the IEclipseContext works, and how DI can be leveraged in Eclipse 3.x components. The talk will focus on how developers can configure, use, and extend Eclipse 4's DI for their own applications, how to define new injection suppliers, and defining custom annotations.

Fri, 2013-11-15 21:40

Developing Dart Editor

After a brief introduction to the Dart programming language, which will highlight some of the features that make tooling interesting, we will describe the development of the Dart Editor over the past two years. The Dart Editor provides a powerful, yet lightweight programming experience for Dart programmers. It was created with Eclipse technology and is distributed as an RCP application as well as a set of plugins for Eclipse itself. We'll cover some of the techniques we used to create a small, fast program that is easy to install.

Fri, 2013-11-15 07:49

Experiences from building one of the world's most distributed RCP apps

...or how we got an Eclipse RCP app into the JDK.

The most recent addition to the Oracle JDK tooling is an RCP application named Java Mission Control.
This session deals with some of the problems met and overcome (or worked around) when basing a product with a massive user interface on the Rich Client Platform.

We will discuss:
• Building
• Versioning and Distribution
• Launchers
• Mac OS X integration
• E4 UI performance
• JavaFX embed
• P2 pet peeves
• Favorite extension points
• Accessibility


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