Top 5: Thomas Watson

Mon, 2014-02-10 08:22

Thomas Watson

  1. Apache Stratos - Building a PaaS using OSGi and Equinox - Paul Fremantle [WSO2]
    I have long been interested in how OSGi and Equinox can be better utilized in the cloud. I look forward to hearing more about the Apache Stratos project and how the project is using OSGi and Equinox as well as how it supports multi-tenancy.
  2. The Road to Lambda - Alex Buckley
    Lambdas are one of the more interesting changes coming in Java 8. They will add many new syntactical elements like the Arrow Operator, Method References, Defender Methods. Java finally gains functional aspects which will help reduce verbosity and improve parallel processing. I look forward to learning more about how to take advantage of Lambdas, particularly with the parallel streams libraries.
  3. API Design in Java 8 - John Arthorne [IBM Canada]
    Java 8 is introducing many new and exiting features. New language features always have an impact to how we develop future APIs. I look forward to John's talk to learn more about how to develop well designed APIs in Java 8.
  4. Modular JavaScript - Andrew Eisenberg [Tasktop Technologies]
    I have a pretty long Java and OSGi background and have been living in a modular programming environment for over a decade. When moving to JavaScript I miss many of the benefits a modular programming model provides. I am hoping this talk will provide me answers for how to achieve modularity in JavaScript.
  5. Turning Eclipse into an Arduino programming platform for kids - Mélanie Bats [Obeo]
    The concept of creating a development environment for kids to develop programs for Arduino sounds cool. I can't wait to hear about it and then take the ideas back and try out on my kids.