Top 5: Pascal Rapicault

Thu, 2014-02-20 09:42

Pascal Rapicault
Rapicorp, Inc.

  1. A journey of getting HTML to work inside Eclipse - Kris De Volder [Pivotal], Martin Lippert [Pivotal]
    Though SWT represents the defacto way of writing UIs in Eclipse, I believe that the future of the Eclipse IDE needs to include HTML as a main way to author plugins. As such I'm looking forward to hear from people that have successfully used HTML, JS, CSS in Eclipse and learn from their successes and failures.
  2. API Deisng in Java 8 - John Arthorne [IBM Canada]
    Java 8 brings a lot of new language features and John knows a lot about API design. Bottom line, if you are designing an API, don't miss an opportunity to hear from a great speaker on a hot topic.
  3. UI performance monitoring - Terry Parker
    Whether you are writing a plug-in for Eclipse or an RCP application, UI responsiveness is a big part of how the application is perceived. In Luna, Google contributed a low level mechanism that allows to detect UI freezes, and I'm curious to know how they have been collecting and mining this information to improve Eclipse.
  4. CDT and Parallella: Multicore debugging for the masses - Marc Khouzam [Ericsson], Andreas Olofsson [Adapteva]
    Multicore is everywhere, yet support to debug applications leveraging those is still in its infancy. Though currently only applicable to C/C++, the features proposed by the multi-core support of CDT show an interesting solution, and I'm hoping it will inspire other languages to add similar support.
  5. Hitchiker guide to Eclipse presentation frameworks galaxy - Goulwen Le Fur [Obeo]
    Over the recent years, Eclipse has seen the creation of a plethora of presentation frameworks, and picking one is just not a simple task. For this reason, a comparison of all the contenders with their strengths and weaknesses is definitely welcome.