Top 5: Lars Vogel

Mon, 2014-02-24 09:33

Lars Vogel
vogella GmbH


  1. Eclipse Luna: Awesome *new* features - Eric Moffatt [IBM Rational Canada]
    Great news what the platform team did and how the Eclipse platform is evolving.
  2. Fork the IDE: Build your own SDK with CBI - Thanh Ha
    The CBI initiative helps to contribute easier to the Eclipse platform and related project.
  3. Flying sharks with M2M - Klemens Edler, Florian Pirchner
    See how brainwaves can steer a flying shark (yep you read that correctly)....
  4. UI performance monitoring - Terry Parker
    A new tool from Google to measure and therefore improve interactive performance.
  5. API design with Java 8 - John Arthorne [IBM Canada]
    Java 8 is the new big thing for us and I'm looking foward to learn from Eclipse veteran John how to design new APIs based on it.