Top 5: John Arthorne

Tue, 2014-01-21 12:11

John Arthorne
IBM Canada

  1. Connecting the Eclipse IDE to the cloud-based era of developer tooling - Martin Lippert [Pivotal] and Andrew Clement [VMware]
    We are at an industry turning point where cloud IDEs are taking off but most of our tools and tool users are still trapped on the desktop. This new project is exploring how to bridge that gap and connect desktop IDEs to tools in the cloud.
  2. Next-Generation JavaScript Language Tooling - Ariya Hidayat [Shape Security]
    Ariya is a thought leader (and prolific coder) in the JavaScript tools community and I am excited to learn what he has to say about the future of JavaScript tooling.
  3. NASA Verve: interactive 3D visualization within Eclipse - Tamar Cohen [NASA Ames Research Center] and Mark Allan
    It is always a treat to see the cool applications people are building on top of the Eclipse platform. This is the latest in a long line of interesting Eclipse-based applications coming out of NASA.
  4. Fork the IDE: Build your own SDK with CBI - Thanh Ha [Eclipse Foundation]
    Thanh is a build wizard and will surely have fascinating insights on the build infrastructure provided by the Eclipse Foundation, and how to leverage this build technology to build custom Eclipse IDEs.
  5. Multi-cloud deployment with Docker - Nick Stinemates
    You know those ubiquitous metal shipping containers that can be dropped onto ships, trains, and trucks, and are the backbone of global commerce and trade? Docker is building containers like that, except inside it goes your software application so it can run anywhere from a personal computer to a massive cloud platform. It's cool stuff.