Top 5: Gunnar Wagenknecht

Thu, 2014-02-13 09:34


Gunnar Wagenknecht
Tasktop Technologies

  1. The road to Lambda - Alex Buckley
    I’m really looking forward to hear Alex Buckley talking about Lambda. It’s one of the key features of the upcoming Java 8. Together with the library enhancements this forms the baseline for a whole new way of writing Java code. I’ve used similar constructs in other languages before. Having and seeing it in Java will be great.
  2. API Deisgn in Java 8 - John Arthorne [IBM Canada]
    With Lambdas, default methods on interfaces, method references and type annotations there are suddenly four new features in the next version of Java for API designers. I do write a lot of APIs myself and I always appreciate John Arthorne talking about this subject. He’s gained such a tremendous amount of experience while working on APIs for Eclipse and Orion.
  3. "Extreme" git branching for continuous delivery - Sarah Goff-Dupont [Atlassian]
    I use Git and Gerrit a lot these days. It’s a tough job to come up with the right branching model that works for your team. Hearing about other options/possibilities and their advantages or challenges helps me in selecting and/or adjusting our model.
  4. Developing and running a large Eclipse RT cluster based on Eclipse Gyrex: an experience report - Andreas Mihm [AGETO Service GmbH]
    Having worked with Andreas on this application before, I can’t wait to see the progress since then. It’s always great to hear experience reports of your technology used by somebody else then yourself. Did I say that I do like modular runtimes? So if you do too, you should attend this talk!
  5. Unshackling Mylyn from the desktop -Andrew Eisenberg [Tasktop Technologies], Gunnar Wagenknecht [Tasktop]
    This does smell a bit selfish, but I’m really looking forward to be on stage with Andrew! We’ve been brainstorming and hacking together some interesting new things for Mylyn to finally escape the desktop. If you are a Mylyn user today you should not miss this opportunity!