Top 5: Cédric Brun

Tue, 2014-02-04 08:52

Cédric Brun

  1. Extending Gerrit: A look at the Gerrit Plugin API - Ian Bull [EclipseSource], Shawn Pearce [Google]
    Gerrit is now an important part of our workflow, both at Obeo and at Having the Gerrit project lead and a highly experienced Eclipse committer explain how we can extend it sounds like a match made in heaven. Last but not least, discovering other mechanisms used to provide an extensible platform also helps identify aspects we could improve in Eclipse.
  2. Bringing order to complexity with RXJava - Peter McDonnell
    Reactive programming is an interesting approach to overcome many of the struggles we face daily like asynchronicity and error handling. RxJava will help in this regard; on the other hand, Vert.x brings solutions for providing a resilient service in a very elegant way. I'm excited to learn a bit more about these technologies and see how neatly they can be mixed.
  3. Browser IDEs and why you don't like them - Ken Walker [IBM Canada]
    Developing in the cloud didn't really take off yet. Why? I'm looking forward to the vision of the Orion project lead in this regard and expect to realize I have misconceptions.
  4. Equinox Framework: A happier OSGi R6 implementation - Thomas Watson [IBM]
    Everything changed in Luna, you just didn't realize it yet. Equinox is the basis of most of the Eclipse ecosystem and a brand new implementation here can brings new capabilities for all our products and impact the way we deliver software.
  5. Automating the configuration of project-specific IDEs - Eike Stepper [ES - Computersysteme], Ed Merks [itemis]
    Eike and Ed invested quite a lot of time in this tool which has the ability to make a significant impact in the Eclipse ecosystem. What if hacking and contributing to a project is just one click away? No more pain in setting the preferences, getting and constructing the target platform, figuring out which projects should be checked out or not... Adoption of this tooling could mean a lot to our community.