Speaker Interview - Ariya Hidayat

Fri, 2014-01-10 13:25

Ariya Hidayat, Shape Security

Next-Generation JavaScript Language Tooling

1. Can you please briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Ariya Hidayat. These days, I promote software craftsmanship, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, and general web technologies. I write blog posts regularly and speak at developer events from time to time. I am a big believer in sharing and openness. I have been involved with FOSS (free/open-source software), contributing code to projects such as KDE, Qt, and WebKit. In my little spare time, I also run projects such as PhantomJS (browser automation) and Esprima (JavaScript parser).

2. What is your talk about and what do you hope people will learn?

The talk is about the current and future state of JavaScript language tools. The benefit of knowing those tools is to streamline the development workflow, to reduce mistakes, and to increase the overall application quality.

3.How are developers today dealing with the complexity of large-scale JavaScript applications?

It is handled primarily by

  • navigating the code using a well-behaved IDE
  • writing lots of unit tests for each module

4. What are you favorite JavaScript tools?

Orion obviously! Its editing feature is fantastic, performant, and pleasant.

5. What do you think about web IDEs like Orion or Cloud9?

I think its future is very bright. Always-connected environment means that web-based IDEs will see its increased adoption in the near future.