CDT/Linux Tools/PTP Summit 2014

Mon, 2014-01-27 15:44

With about a million downloads yearly, the Eclipse CDT provides tools for C/C++ developers across the globe. The Eclipse Linux Tools project builds on the CDT and integrates popular tools for Tracing, Profiling, Code Coverage, and more. And the Eclipse PTP project extends the CDT to provide support to develop massively parallel applications. This Eclipse technology is being re-used by most silicon, RTOS, embedded system, consumer electronics vendors, in collaborative projects such as PolarSys, Yocto, the Multicore Association, M2M/IoT, Automotive, software modeling. With close to 50 active committers combined, communication, collaboration and planning for the future is crucial.

Over the years, yearly summits have allowed us improve collaboration, foster innovation, and establish the current focus for those Eclipse projects. We will hold the next CDT/Linux Tools/PTP Summit Monday-Tuesday, March 17-18, 2014, at EclipseCon 2014. This is a valuable opportunity to find out about the latest improvements and influence the future of these projects.

Some of the topics covered will be:

  • Multicore Debugging
  • Tracing/Diagnostic
  • Refactorings
  • Static Analysis/LLVM
  • User-friendliness
  • RCP/standalone debugger and tracer
  • Momentics
  • Yocto
  • Polarsys

The summit is targeted at committers, contributors and people generally interested in CDT, Linux Tools or PTP.

In addition to the summit there will be other interesting related sessions at EclipseCon:

Wednesday - March 19

Thursday - March 20

  • Discuss CDT Debugging, Tracing and learn about other such topics with committers at the EclipseCon poster session
  • Find out how the CDT helps Walmart support the development of their C applications across more than 35,000 servers world-wide in Printf was our debugger
  • Deepen your knowledge of TMF and learn to trace highly-complex applications in Tracing the innards of you application

An amazing line-up of technical content for anyone that wants to be part of the efforts to keep those Eclipse technologies at the forefront of software development. We hope to see you at EclipseCon 2014 and the 2014 CDT/Linux Tools/PTP Summit.