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Benjamin CABE [Eclipse Foundation]

IoT Evangelist

Benjamin is the latest addition to Eclipse Foundation’s staff.

M2M, IoT, Lua, Community, Koneki, Mihini, Arduino, Open-Source Hardware

Benjamin Cabé [Eclipse Foundation]

IoT Evangelist

Benjamin Cabé, Internet of Things enthusiast and evangelist at the Eclipse Foundation, has years of experience in connecting things, big and small, together.

iot, m2m, android, arduino, raspberry pi,

Ian Bull [EclipseSource]

Senior Software Engineer & Team Lead

Ian co-leads the Equinox/p2 project and is the component lead for Zest, the Eclipse visualization framework.

Eclipse, p2, provisioning

Hugo Bruneliere [Inria / Mines Nantes]

R&D Engineer

I am an R&D engineer part of the AtlanMod research team (Inria, Mines Nantes & LINA) and working principally in the field of Model Driven Engineering (MDE) and its different applications.

Software Engineering, Open Source, Modeling, Reverse Engineering, Eclipse, EMF

Marcel Bruch [Codetrails]

CEO of Codetrails, Creator of Eclipse Code Recommenders and Automated Error Reporter for Eclipse Mars

Mark Bozeman [Mentor Graphics]

Software Engineer

Luc Bourlier [Typesafe]

Senior Software Engineer

Luc has been part of the Eclipse Debug Team at IBM for the releases 2.0 to 3.1.

Stephane Bonnet [Thales]

Design Authority, Model Driven Engineering Products

PhD in Software Engineering.

Industrial application of model-driven technologies, transfer between applied research and operational solutions, team & project management

Jordi Boehme Lopez [EclipseSource]

Senior Technology Consultant Eclipse, Mobile and Yoxos Enterprise
Eclipse, Java, OSGi, iOS, Mobile, Software Deployment

Jay Billings [Oak Ridge National Laboratory]

Research Scientist

I am a member of the research staff in the Computer Science Research Group at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, TN.

Modeling and simulation, software engineering best practices, computational physics, supercomputing

Brian Benz [Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.]

Senior Technical Evangelist

Brian is a Senior Technical Evangelist for Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation.

Stephane Begaudeau [Obeo]

Software Engineer

Stephane Begaudeau graduated from the Nantes University of Sciences and Technology and is currently working as an Eclipse Modeling consultant at Obeo in France.

Wayne Beaton [The Eclipse Foundation]

Director of Open Source Projects

Matias Bargas [Mulesoft]

Software Developer @Mulesoft

Mikael Barbero [Obeo]

Software Engineer

Mikael is a passionate software engineer. He started programming at the age of 10 with BASIC and did not stop since then.

Computer language, Design, Software architecture, Modularity

Lance Ball [Red Hat]

Senior Software Engineer

Lance is employed by Red Hat and is a member of Project Odd, a group of Red Hat developers focused on polyglot open source research and development.

Raymond Auge [Liferay, Inc.]

Software Architect

Fredrik Attebrant [Findout Technologies AB]

Senior Software Architect/Engineer

Fredrik Attebrant works at FindOut Technologies focusing on Eclipse based product development.

John Arthorne [IBM Canada]

Senior Software Developer

John has worked on Eclipse open source projects for the past 14 years in many different areas.

Reibert Arbring [Ericsson]

System Architect

Peder Andersen [Wind River Systems, Inc.]

Senior Member of Technical Staff

Domenic Alessi [Ericsson]

Product Manager

I have been in the telecommunications industry for 13 years now, and specifically focusing in IT needs for 6 years. I am the product owner for Eclipse in the Enterprise and ALMs within Ericsson.

p2, Equinox, Platform, Enterprise deployment of Eclipse, ALM