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Marc R. Hoffmann [mtrail GmbH]

Software Achitect, JaCoCo/EclEmma Author

Marc works as a software architect for railway control systems and was involved in the development of several commercial as well as open source Eclipse/RCP based projects and software products sinc

Eclipse, JVM, OSGi, Software Quality, Code Coverage, Software Development Processes

Stephan Herrmann [GK Software AG]

Stephan Herrmann received his Ph.D. at Technische Universität Berlin in 2002.

JDT, static analysis, Object Teams, Modeling/DSL, playing the viola

Jonas Helming [EclipseSource Munich]

General Manager

Dr. Jonas Helming is General Manager of EclipseSource Munich (

e4, EMF, EMFStore, EMF Client Platform, EMF Forms

Itai Heller [Checkmarx]

Product Expert

Robert Heggdal [Itema AS]

Senior Software Developer

Noopur Gupta [IBM India]

Eclipse JDT/UI Committer

Noopur is a committer on the Eclipse - Java Development tools (UI) project. She is currently working as a software developer for IBM Bangalore Labs. She obtained her B.E.

Judith Gull [BSI Business Systems Integration AG]

Software Engineer

Judith Gull, MSc ETH in Computer Science, works as a software engineer for BSI Business Systems Integration AG.

Roland Grunberg [Red Hat]

Software Engineer

Dave Gruber [Black Duck]

Director of Developer Programs

Dave Gruber is Black Duck Software’s Director of Developer Programs.

Christian Grail [SAP]

Development Architect

Christian is an experienced Development Architect for BUILD an open-source, cloud-based and social platform that enables users, even those with no UI development knowledge, to easily create fully i

Marc Gille [SunGard]

SVP Product Management Infinity

Founded BPM pioneer CARNOT in 2000. Sold CARNOT to SunGard in 2006. In charge of SunGard's Infrastructure Platform Infinity. Initiated open sourcing of Infinity in 2010.

Orion, BPM, BPMN, SOA, BRM, UI Mashups, Web-based Development, Running, Biking, Surfing, Playing Acid Jazz

Andy Gifford [Cerner]

Lead Architect, iAware Development

Lead/Software Architect on the iAware Development team at Cerner ( |

Eclipse, OSGi, Java, RCP, SWT

Matthew Gerring [Diamond Light Source Ltd.]

Senior software developer, team leader DAWN

Yavor Georgiev [Microsoft]

Senior Program Manager

I am a Program Manager at Microsoft working on the Azure application platform. I am responsible for helping developers build mobile apps using the cloud.

Jyothi G.Shivashankar [Robert Bosch]

General Manager

Head of department for Engineering Methods and Tools for Automotive embedded software development at Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Ltd, Bangalore, India.

Paul Fremantle [WSO2]

CTO, WSO2 and PhD researcher at University of Portsmouth

As Co-founder and CTO of WSO2, Paul spearheads the company’s overall technical and product strategy.

M2M, IoT, Cloud, SOA, Arduino, Irish Traditional Music, Snowboarding

Bob Fraser [VMware]

Franck Fleurey [SINTEF]

Reserach Scientist

Michael Figuiere [DataStax]

Drivers & Developer Tools Architect

Michael is the architect for drivers and developer tools at DataStax where he actively works to improve Cassandra developer experience.

Tristan Faure [Atos]

Software Architect

Johannes Faltermeier [EclipseSource Munich]

Software Engineer

Johannes Faltermeier is a Software Engineer at EclipseSource Munich (

EMF, EMFStore, ECP, e4, Android, Scala, Edapt, JavaFX

Daniel Exertier [Thales]

MDE Domain Manager, System&Software Technologies Manager

Daniel Exertier is a graduate of the Cranfield Institute of Technology (CIT, UK) and Université de Technologie de Compiègne (UTC, France) in Computer Science and Robotics.

Jesper Eskilson [IAR Systems]

Programming, geocaching, climbing, alpine skiing, mountainbiking.

Pavel Erofeev [EURA NOVA]

Software Architect

Erik Englund [Axios, Inc.]

Software Engineer

Keith Elliott [Xilinx, Inc.]

Senior Software Engineer

Baha Elkassaby [Diamond Light Source Ltd]

Software Engineer
Eclipse for science

Andrew Eisenberg [Tasktop Technologies]

Senior Software Developer

Andrew Eisenberg is the lead of the Groovy-Eclipse and AspectJ Development Tools projects and also works on the Grails tooling portion of the SpringSource Tool Suite.

Andrew Eisenberg [Tasktop Technologies]

Senior Software Developer

Andrew Eisenberg is a lover of programming languages and has had a deep thought or two about how programming languages and IDEs can work together to make software development more fun.

JavaScript, Groovy, just about any programming language created in the last 150 years, open source, community

Johannes Eickhold [EclipseSource]

Software Developer Eclipse and Mobile

At EclipseSource Johannes shares his knowledge of OSGi, the Eclipse platform, and RAP with customers.

Sven Efftinge [itemis]

development manager
software development, music, food, kitesurfing

Justin Early [Avantsoft]

Lead Senior Software Engineer and Consultant

Lead VJET JavaScript IDE Developer, Building unique solutions using JavaScript, Java, and Eclipse technologies.

Kayaking, San Jose Sharks, Hockey, VJET JavaScript IDE, REST, JavaScript, Developer Tools

Barry Dresdner [Software AG]

David Dodd [eBay]

Platform Infrastructure Engineer
eclipse, PDE, OSGi, Developer Productivity, Ice Hockey, Guitar, Music



Chief Technology Officer and Founder of the open source software consulting company Jasmine Conseil (

java, Eclipse, Spring, JEE, Google Apps, NTIC, Chess

Tim Diekmann [TIBCO Software Inc.]

Tim has joined TIBCO Software Inc. in mid of 2008 as a Sr. Architect. He is responsible for the OSGi based runtime platform of the ActiveMatrix product suite.

OSGi, Composite Applications, Modularization

Jordan Deyton [Oak Ridge National Laboratory]

Research Associate

I am a research associate at ORNL working on the NiCE team.

Eclipse-based development, Java, C++, scripting... well, pretty much anything that involves programming!

Naci Dai [Eteration]

Anthony Dahanne [Terracotta]

Software Engineer

Java software developer for 8 years, my favourite topics are Android, building tools, Continuous Integration and, of course, core Java development.

Java development, Continuous Integration, Rest API design, Android

Sharon Corbett [Eclipse Foundation, Inc.]

Manager, Intellectual Property

Sharon is employed with the Eclipse Foundation in an Intellectual Property Management role, and has been since first joining the Eclipse family in 2006.

David Conway-Jones [IBM UK]

Senior Inventor
node.js, javascript, embedded devices, MQTT, wireless comms, low power, windsurfing, curry, beer.

Tamar Cohen [NASA Ames Research Center]

With a background in software engineering and fine art, Tamar works with NASA Ames' Intelligent Robotics group to bridge the gap between robots and humans.

Eric Clayberg [Google]

Software Engineering Manager

Eric Clayberg, a former co-founder of Instantiations (acquired by Google in 2010), is the Engineering Manager for the Dart Editor project at Google and Project Lead for the WindowBuilder project at

Eclipse, Smalltalk, GWT, Dart, Classic Arcade Video Games

Kristopher Clark [Actuate]

BIRT Evangelist

Kristopher Clark is a Java developer and a BIRT Engineer.

Steven Citron-Pousty [Red Hat]

PaaS Dust Spreader

Steve is a PaaS Dust Spreader (aka developer evangelist) with OpenShift. He goes around and shows off all the great work the OpenShift engineers do.

Chien-Kang Chen [Ventana Medical System, a member of Roche Group]

Sr. Software Engineer

Weber Canova [TOTVS]

VP Technology

Alan Cândido [TOTVS S.A.]

R&D Software Engineer