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namesort ascending Organization Job title Interests
Eugen Neufeld [EclipseSource Munich GmbH]'s picture Eugen Neufeld EclipseSource Munich GmbH Software Engineer EMF, EMFStore, ECP, RCP, e4, JavaFX, EMF Forms
Tim Myer [SolutionsIQ]'s picture Tim Myer SolutionsIQ Programmer EMF GMF Papyrus Scala
Catarina Mota [Open Materials]'s picture Catarina Mota Open Materials
Adrian Mos [Xerox Research]'s picture Adrian Mos Xerox Research Research Scientist SOA, BPM, DSL, Modelling, Monitoring
Brice Morin [SINTEF ICT]'s picture Brice Morin SINTEF ICT Research Scientist Model-Driven Engineering Internet of Things M2M Cloud
Alexandre Montplaisir [Ericsson]'s picture Alexandre Montplaisir Ericsson Software Developer
Olivier Moises [Generic Concept]'s picture Olivier Moises Generic Concept Independant
Kim Moir [Mozilla]'s picture Kim Moir Mozilla Senior Release Engineer, Mozilla scale, release engineering
Eric Moffatt [IBM Cloud]'s picture Eric Moffatt IBM Cloud Orion Web IDE dev All forms of pixel pushing (GUI, Visualization, CAD...), Most forms of ball pushing (Golf, Billiards...), Video game mayhem, Quantum Mechanics / Astrophysics (OK, just the easy stuff..;-)
Mike Milinkovich [Eclipse Foundation]'s picture Mike Milinkovich Eclipse Foundation Executive Director
Andreas Mihm [AGETO Service GmbH]'s picture Andreas Mihm AGETO Service GmbH Head of R&D Java, OSGI, eclipseRT, SaaS, cloud infrastructures
Ed Merks [itemis]'s picture Ed Merks itemis Eclipse Modeling Project Lead Eclipse, Modeling
Tony McCrary [l33t labs]'s picture Tony McCrary l33t labs Founder and Lead Developer Programming, Video Games, Music
Cole Markham [Welland]'s picture Cole Markham Welland Senior Software Engineer OSGi, RCP, RAP, JavaFX, Eclipse4, Android, Mobile
Tonny Madsen [Black Dog IT]'s picture Tonny Madsen Black Dog IT Founder Eclipse, RCP, Systems Architecture, OSGi, Distributed computing, Testing, Java
Andrew Low [IBM]'s picture Andrew Low IBM STSM, JavaScript Everywhere Technical Lead, Master Inventor Node.js, V8, Orion, RaspberryPi, low level coding, gadgets
George Loring [Walmart]'s picture George Loring Walmart Technical Expert
Dave Locke [IBM UK]'s picture Dave Locke IBM UK Senior Inventor Internet of Things, MQTT, Paho, embedded systems, M2M
Martin Lippert [Pivotal]'s picture Martin Lippert Pivotal Principal Software Engineer, Spring Tool Suite Lead Eclipse, Flux, Orion, JavaScript, Refactoring, Spring, Cloud Foundry, Tycho, JVMs, GitHub
Goulwen Le Fur [Obeo]'s picture Goulwen Le Fur Obeo Consultant Eclipse, Open Source, Design, UI
Stefan Lay [SAP AG]'s picture Stefan Lay SAP AG Git, EGit, JGit, Gerrit
J. Langley [CohesionForce Inc]'s picture J. Langley CohesionForce Inc Senior Technical Staff Software Design / Architecture Horizontal Integration & Disruptive Technologies Photography Guitar Hiking/Camping
Kai Kreuzer [Deutsche Telekom AG]'s picture Kai Kreuzer Deutsche Telekom AG Developer Evangelist Connected Home Java, OSGi, Eclipse, Embedded, Smart Home
Markus Knauer [EclipseSource]'s picture Markus Knauer EclipseSource Eclipse Senior Software Consultant RAP, EPP, OSGi, LTS, Equinox, Virgo, Karaf, Packaging, Tycho, Build, Cloud Computing, RAP, EMF, ECP, p2, Support
Marc Khouzam [Ericsson]'s picture Marc Khouzam Ericsson CDT Project co-lead Multicore Debugging
Atul Kalantri [IBM]'s picture Atul Kalantri IBM Product Manager
Simon Kaegi [IBM Canada]'s picture Simon Kaegi IBM Canada Software Developer
Etienne Juliot [Obeo]'s picture Etienne Juliot Obeo Vice President Modeling, System Engineering, OpenSource ecosystem, Sirius, Acceleo, Graphical DSL
Wes Johnson [Eurotech]'s picture Wes Johnson Eurotech Senior Software Engineer
Mickael Istria [JBoss, by Red Hat]'s picture Mickael Istria JBoss, by Red Hat Developer, builder
Ivan Inozemtsev [Xored]'s picture Ivan Inozemtsev Xored eclipse rcptt project lead java, eclipse, fantom, git, tycho
Bernd Hufmann [Ericsson]'s picture Bernd Hufmann Ericsson Software Developer
Marc R. Hoffmann [mtrail GmbH]'s picture Marc R. Hoffmann mtrail GmbH Software Achitect, JaCoCo/EclEmma Author Eclipse, JVM, OSGi, Software Quality, Code Coverage, Software Development Processes
Stephan Herrmann [GK Software AG]'s picture Stephan Herrmann GK Software AG JDT, static analysis, Object Teams, Modeling/DSL, playing the viola
Jonas Helming [EclipseSource Munich]'s picture Jonas Helming EclipseSource Munich General Manager e4, EMF, EMFStore, EMF Client Platform, EMF Forms
Itai Heller [Checkmarx]'s picture Itai Heller Checkmarx Product Expert
Noopur Gupta [IBM India]'s picture Noopur Gupta IBM India Eclipse JDT/UI Committer
Judith Gull [BSI Business Systems Integration AG]'s picture Judith Gull BSI Business Systems Integration AG Software Engineer
Roland Grunberg [Red Hat]'s picture Roland Grunberg Red Hat Software Engineer
Dave Gruber [Black Duck]'s picture Dave Gruber Black Duck Director of Developer Programs
Christian Grail [SAP]'s picture Christian Grail SAP Development Architect
Sarah Goff-Dupont [Atlassian]'s picture Sarah Goff-Dupont Atlassian Product Marketing Manager, Bamboo Automation, Agile development
Marc Gille [SunGard]'s picture Marc Gille SunGard SVP Product Management Infinity Orion, BPM, BPMN, SOA, BRM, UI Mashups, Web-based Development, Running, Biking, Surfing, Playing Acid Jazz
Andy Gifford [Cerner]'s picture Andy Gifford Cerner Lead Architect, iAware Development Eclipse, OSGi, Java, RCP, SWT
Sebastien Gerard [CEA List]'s picture Sebastien Gerard CEA List Head of the LISE labs of CEA List MDE, MDA, UML, SysML, MARTE, Embedded System, complex system, modeling, real-time, abstraction, formalization, analysis.
Yavor Georgiev [Microsoft]'s picture Yavor Georgiev Microsoft Senior Program Manager
Pierre Gaufillet [Airbus]'s picture Pierre Gaufillet Airbus Software Engineering Method Specialist Embedded/Safety critical Systems, Modeling, Very Long Term Support, PolarSys, TOPCASED, Open Source Business Models
Jyothi G.Shivashankar [Robert Bosch]'s picture Jyothi G.Shivashankar Robert Bosch General Manager