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namesort ascending Organization Job title Interests
Paul Fremantle [WSO2]'s picture Paul Fremantle WSO2 CTO, WSO2 and PhD researcher at University of Portsmouth M2M, IoT, Cloud, SOA, Arduino, Irish Traditional Music, Snowboarding
Franck Fleurey [SINTEF]'s picture Franck Fleurey SINTEF Reserach Scientist
Tristan Faure [Atos]'s picture Tristan Faure Atos Software Architect
Johannes Faltermeier [EclipseSource Munich]'s picture Johannes Faltermeier EclipseSource Munich Software Engineer EMF, EMFStore, ECP, e4, Android, Scala, Edapt, JavaFX
Daniel Exertier [Thales]'s picture Daniel Exertier Thales MDE Domain Manager, System&Software Technologies Manager
Pavel Erofeev [EURA NOVA]'s picture Pavel Erofeev EURA NOVA Software Architect
Gorkem Ercan [Red Hat]'s picture Gorkem Ercan Red Hat Principal Software Engineer
Andrew Eisenberg [Tasktop Technologies]'s picture Andrew Eisenberg Tasktop Technologies Senior Software Developer JavaScript, Groovy, just about any programming language created in the last 150 years, open source, community
Andrew Eisenberg [Tasktop Technologies]'s picture Andrew Eisenberg Tasktop Technologies Senior Software Developer
Johannes Eickhold [EclipseSource]'s picture Johannes Eickhold EclipseSource Software Developer Eclipse and Mobile
Sven Efftinge [itemis]'s picture Sven Efftinge itemis development manager software development, music, food, kitesurfing
Justin Early [Avantsoft]'s picture Justin Early Avantsoft Lead Senior Software Engineer and Consultant Kayaking, San Jose Sharks, Hockey, VJET JavaScript IDE, REST, JavaScript, Developer Tools
Virgil Dodson [Actuate Corporation]'s picture Virgil Dodson Actuate Corporation Director of Evangelism, BIRT Exchange Java, BIRT, Analytics, Geolocation
Jordan Deyton [Oak Ridge National Laboratory]'s picture Jordan Deyton Oak Ridge National Laboratory Research Associate Eclipse-based development, Java, C++, scripting... well, pretty much anything that involves programming!
Brian de Alwis [Manumitting Technologies Inc.]'s picture Brian de Alwis Manumitting Technologies Inc. President Programming tools, architecture
Naci Dai [Eteration]'s picture Naci Dai Eteration
Anthony Dahanne [Terracotta]'s picture Anthony Dahanne Terracotta Software Engineer Java development, Continuous Integration, Rest API design, Android
Tobias Crawley [Red Hat, Inc]'s picture Tobias Crawley Red Hat, Inc
Sharon Corbett [Eclipse Foundation, Inc.]'s picture Sharon Corbett Eclipse Foundation, Inc. Manager, Intellectual Property
David Conway-Jones [IBM UK]'s picture David Conway-Jones IBM UK Senior Inventor node.js, javascript, embedded devices, MQTT, wireless comms, low power, windsurfing, curry, beer.
Tamar Cohen [NASA Ames Research Center]'s picture Tamar Cohen NASA Ames Research Center
Eric Clayberg [Google]'s picture Eric Clayberg Google Software Engineering Manager Eclipse, Smalltalk, GWT, Dart, Classic Arcade Video Games
Kristopher Clark [Actuate]'s picture Kristopher Clark Actuate BIRT Evangelist
Steven Citron-Pousty [Red Hat]'s picture Steven Citron-Pousty Red Hat PaaS Dust Spreader
Marco Carrer [Eurotech]'s picture Marco Carrer Eurotech VP of Software Engineering
Benjamin Cabé [Eclipse Foundation]'s picture Benjamin Cabé Eclipse Foundation IoT Evangelist iot, m2m, android, arduino, raspberry pi,
Ian Bull [EclipseSource]'s picture Ian Bull EclipseSource Senior Software Engineer & Team Lead Eclipse, p2, provisioning
Cedric Brun [Obeo]'s picture Cedric Brun Obeo CTO modeling, eclipse, orion, equinox, osgi, emf, compare, code generation, graphical modeler
Marcel Bruch [Codetrails]'s picture Marcel Bruch Codetrails CEO of Codetrails, Creator of Eclipse Code Recommenders and Automated Error Reporter for Eclipse Mars
Ryan Brooks [The Boeing Company]'s picture Ryan Brooks The Boeing Company
Robert Brodt [Red Hat]'s picture Robert Brodt Red Hat Sr. Software Engineer Building cool stuff, writing code, hiking, biking, R/C helis.
Fred Bricon [Red Hat]'s picture Fred Bricon Red Hat Software Developer Building stuff
Mark Bozeman [Mentor Graphics]'s picture Mark Bozeman Mentor Graphics Software Engineer
Luc Bourlier [Typesafe]'s picture Luc Bourlier Typesafe Senior Software Engineer
David Bosschaert [Red Hat]'s picture David Bosschaert Red Hat Principal Software Engineer
Stephane Bonnet [Thales]'s picture Stephane Bonnet Thales Design Authority, Model Driven Engineering Products Industrial application of model-driven technologies, transfer between applied research and operational solutions, team & project management
Jonas Bonér [Typesafe]'s picture Jonas Bonér Typesafe CTO Typesafe
Jordi Boehme Lopez [EclipseSource]'s picture Jordi Boehme Lopez EclipseSource Senior Technology Consultant Eclipse, Mobile and Yoxos Enterprise Eclipse, Java, OSGi, iOS, Mobile, Software Deployment
Jay Billings [Oak Ridge National Laboratory]'s picture Jay Billings Oak Ridge National Laboratory Research Scientist Modeling and simulation, software engineering best practices, computational physics, supercomputing
Brian Benz [Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.]'s picture Brian Benz Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. Senior Technical Evangelist
Stephane Begaudeau [Obeo]'s picture Stephane Begaudeau Obeo Software Engineer
Wayne Beaton [The Eclipse Foundation]'s picture Wayne Beaton The Eclipse Foundation Director of Open Source Projects
Melanie Bats [Obeo]'s picture Melanie Bats Obeo
Mikael Barbero [Obeo]'s picture Mikael Barbero Obeo Software Engineer Computer language, Design, Software architecture, Modularity
Raymond Auge [Liferay, Inc.]'s picture Raymond Auge Liferay, Inc. Software Architect
John Arthorne [IBM Canada]'s picture John Arthorne IBM Canada Senior Software Developer
Jed Anderson [Genuitec, LLC]'s picture Jed Anderson Genuitec, LLC Development Manager Eclipse provisioning, p2, Plugin development, Eclipse RCP, Secure Delivery Center
Peder Andersen [Wind River Systems, Inc.]'s picture Peder Andersen Wind River Systems, Inc. Senior Member of Technical Staff