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Sebastian Zarnekow [itemis]

Xtext Committer

Sebastian Zarnekow works for itemis and lives in Kiel, Germany. As the co-architect of Xtend and Xtext he is specialized in language design, language implementation and IDE development.

Mike Wrighton [Mentor Graphics]

Software Engineer

Mike Wrighton is a software engineer at Mentor Graphics.

Stefan Winkler [Freelancer]

Software Developer & IT Consultant

Stefan Winkler is an independent software developer and IT consultant living in Kiel, Germany. He offers services around RCP, EMF and CDO.

Modeling, EMF, CDO

Florian Wininger [Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal]

Master student

Graduated Student in Computer Engineering.
Look for new opportunities.

Performance analysis. Software engineering. Security.

Michael Williams [Actuate]

BIRT Evangelist

My name is Michael Williams. I'm a BIRT Technical Evangelist & Forums Manager at Actuate. I've been with Actuate since 2008.

Paul Webster [IBM Canada]

Platform UI Team Lead

Paul Webster received a B.A.Sc. in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo in 1994.

Tim Webb [Genuitec, LLC]

Director, Innovation & Strategy

Long time Eclipse technologist, and current director of innovation at Genuitec, driving innovation to the cloud-first developer initiatives at Genuitec.

Eclipse, OSGi, Cloud Computing, Private Clouds, Open Source, Development Methodologies, Architectures

Greg Watson [ORNL]

Senior Research Scientist

Greg Watson is a Senior Research Scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and project leader for the Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform and Target Management projects.

Thomas Watson [IBM]

Senior Software Engineer - Equinox Lead

Tom Watson is a Senior Software Engineer at IBM with years of experience as a developer. His focus is on the architecture and development of OSGi technologies.

John Ward [Actuate]

Professional Magician and Entertainer, Laser Show Designer, Software Engineer, and all around swell guy, John Ward is the author of "Practical Data Analysis and Reporting with BIRT" and "BIRT 2.6:

BIRT, Magic, Jiu-Jitsu

Klara Ward [Oracle]

Java Mission Control developer and release engineer

Part of the Java Mission Control dev team at Oracle

Florian Waibel [EclipseSource]

Software Developer

Florian is a long-term committer on the Eclipse Virgo project and took over the leadership role in late 2013. He works for EclipseSource in Germany on OSGi based products.

OSGi, Virgo, Cloud Computing

Eirik F. Wahl [Itema AS]

System Developer. Consultant for Sintef MARINTEK.

Worked as a professional programmer since 2000. Currently employed by Itema AS as a consultant, working happily for Sintef MARINTEK in Trondheim, Norway.

Gunnar Wagenknecht [Tasktop]

Special Operations

Gunnar is a software engineer who loves server and application architectures especially those involving modularity and clouds.

Runtimes, OSGi, Big Data, Web

Michael Vorburger [TEMENOS]

Product Manager, Design Studio, TEMENOS The Banking Software Company

please see & linked

Modeling, hacking culture, humanitarian, opensource, people

Kris De Volder [Pivotal]

Software Developer

Simon Vienot [Oracle]

Engineering Manager

Tim Verbelen [Ghent University - iMinds]

Research Engineer

Tim Verbelen received his M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from Ghent University, Belgium in June 2009. In July 2013, he received his Ph.D.

Concierge, OSGi, IoT, Cloud Computing, Android

Robert Varttinen [Autocorrect Design HB]

Java Developer & Architect, owner

Software engineer and Java Developer & Architect.

Any technology related to, but not limited to, Java and OSGi, and some other programming languages like JavaScript, Scala, etc.

Søren Troest [BEC]

Software Architect

Patrick Tessier [CEA LIST]

Research Engineer
UML, real-time, product-line

Harry Terkelsen [Google]

Software Engineer

Eike Stepper [ES - Computersysteme]


Eike is an independent consultant in the areas of OSGi and modeling with over 25 years of experience in software development.

Modeling, Architecture, Good Design, Collaboration

Holger Staudacher [EclipseSource]

Software Engineer

Holger Staudacher works as a software developer and consultant at EclipseSource in Karlsruhe, Germany.

TDD, REST, OSGi and other stuff related to coding...

Greg Stachnick [Oracle]

Senior Principle Product Manager

Greg Stachnick is a senior principle product manager in the Development Tools division at Oracle.

Andrey Sobolev [Xored Software inc.]

VP Engineering

Ian Skerrett [Eclipse Foundation]

Vice President of Marketing and Ecosystem

Fred Simon [JFrog]

Chief Architect

Frederic Simon is best known as the Co-founder and Chief Architect of JFrog - the Artifactory Binary Repository creators,

Remi Schnekenburger [CEA LIST]

Senior Software Engineer & Team Lead
UML, Model-driven Software Development, Modeling

Alexandra Schladebeck [BREDEX GmbH]

Head of Test Consulting

With a background in languages and linguistics, it’s no real surprise that Alex spends her time communicating – with customers, users, testers, developers and the ‘outside world’.

Testing, usability, agile processes

Doug Schaefer [QNX Software Systems/BlackBerry]

Development Tools Architect

I've been working on the CDT since 2002. I've been the project lead since 2005. And I've been involved in various Eclipse Councils.

Eclipse CDT, making the IDE great, LLVM, JavaFX

Henry Saputra [ASF]


Member of Apache Software Foundation.

PMC and committers in some Apache Software Foundation projects.

Java, Scala, JVM, Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Vert.x, Erlang

Marcelo S. Ancelmo [IBM]

Senior IT Specialist

An Enterprise Architect with more than 11 years of experience in system development, Marcelo is specialized in software architecture, middleware platforms, performance management, and build automat

Eclipse, Enterprise Architecture, Software Architecture, SOA, BPM, Cloud, Build Automation, DevOps, ALM, Agile, Java, Java EE, Application Server, Message Oriented Middleware, Application Performance Management

Esa Ryhänen [ERules]

Consultant, Software Developer
Xtext, Mass customization, CAD/CAM

Dan Rubel [Google]

Software Developer

Dan Rubel is an entrepreneur and an expert in the design and application of object-oriented technologies with more than 20 years of commercial software development experience, including 14 years of

Dart (, Mindstorms & FLL (, (

Denis Roy [Eclipse Foundation, Inc.]

IT Director

Denis, also known as an Eclipse Webmaster, has been the primary IT guy for since 2004.

David Rowland [Cerner Corporation]

Software Architect

Andrew Ross [Eclipse Foundation]

Director, Ecosystem Development

Andrew Ross is Director of Ecosystem Development at the Eclipse Foundation. He is responsible for the LocationTech & Science working groups.

Cool technology & especially geospatial, VoIP, and Video. Astronomy, Biking, and reading a good book.

William Riley [Renesas Electronics]

Software Engineer

Torkild Resheim [Itema AS]

Senior Software Developer

Senior software developer, consultant and Eclipse committer. Working at Itema AS in Trondheim, Norway. An Eclipse aficionado since about version 2.1 (2003).

Jan S. Rellermeyer [IBM Research]

Research Scientist

Bio: Jan S. Rellermeyer received his MSc CS in Distributed Systems from ETH Zürich, Switzerland, in 2006 and his PhD in Computer Science in the Systems Group at ETH in 2011.

OSGi, embedded systems, cloud computing, distributed systems, operating systems, mobile computing, language runtime systems

Xavier Raynaud [Kalray]

Integrated Development Environment Architect

Xavier Raynaud has ten years experience on Java/Eclipse, profiling and trace tools.
He currently works for Kalray, Montbonnot, France.

LinuxTools, CDT, RCP, Traces, Profiling, Embedded Systems, multicore

Pascal Rapicault [Rapicorp]

Founder at Rapicorp

Pascal Rapicault is one of the Eclipse old timers. Since 2002, he has contributed to many aspects of the Platform (Equinox, PDE, p2, etc.) and many Eclipse projects (m2e, Egerrit, Tycho, etc.).

Eclipse IDE Continuous Integration Docker

Aurelien Pupier [Bonitasoft S.A.]

R&D Engineer - Development Leader

Aurélien first became involved with the Eclipse Community and technologies when he was the main developer of the GMF-based JASMINe Design.

EMF, GMF, Modeling, Performance, Release Engineering, BPM (Business Process Management)

Vladimir Prus [Mentor Graphics]


Olivier Prouvost [OPCoach]

Eclipse expert, trainer and committer

I have been working with Eclipse since 2005 and I created my own company in 2009. I provide Eclipse training and consulting in France and all over Europe, in french, english and spanish.

Eclipse RCP, Eclipse 4, Eclipse Modeling

Andy Piper [Pivotal]

Developer Advocate, committer on Eclipse Paho

social bridgebuilder | photographer | techie | speaker | podcaster | |

MQTT, Cloud Foundry, node, Java, Eclipse Paho, Eclipse Koneki, Arduino, sensors, messaging

Colin Pedlar [Coverity, Inc]

Junior IDE Engineer