Hybrid Mobile Development Tools for Eclipse


Apache Cordova (aka Phonegap) is the de-facto standard runtime environment for developing hybrid mobile applications. JBoss Tools has recently added new features to ease the development of cross-platform mobile applications using Apache Cordova. This talk will explain the principles of building hybrid mobile applications and will demonstrate how the Eclipse based tooling can ease the task. As part of the talk I will demonstrate a complete development cycle for a hybrid mobile application. It will show creating a project, editing and then running on platform emulators without leaving Eclipse. Demo will also show the Cordova plug-in discovery and management features of the tools. I will then move on to show the convenience of using the new Cordova Simulator, that incorporates Ripple and live reload to test and debug mobile hybrid applications. Finally, I will talk about how to create the final package for a mobile application and submit it to an application store.

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Bayside - Tuesday, March 18, 2014 - 13:30 to 14:05