Eclipse Luna: Awesome *NEW* Features


You knew you wanted them, *we* knew you wanted them...finally we can do them !

There are a number of features that despite having been clearly identified as desirable (years ago) have never appeared and had essentially been given up for dead. The reason these features never made it to a release is that they were pretty well impossible to do using the 3.x architecture. We've now taken another look and find that using e4 they're actually not that hard.

- Split Editors / Views: Easily one of the most asked for features since the dawn of eclipse (see Bug 8009, opened in 2002 with 205 votes !)

- Enhanced Multi-monitor support: Automatic support for switching between multiple and single monitors (i.e. (un)docking).

We'll see the operations in action and then take a quick look at the code to show how the new API makes this type of enhancement fairly straightforward.

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Grand Peninsula A - Tuesday, March 18, 2014 - 10:30 to 11:05


You mentioned that you may be putting some stuff up on the Eclipse Marketplace. Is anything available yet? Particularly interested in the temporarily restored minimized views.

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