Next-Generation JavaScript Language Tooling


Web applications written in JavaScript rapidly grow in size and complexity. Ensuring and tracking the quality of such large-scale complex applications are daunting, especially with the lack of proper language tooling. In this presentation, a new trend in emerging composeable JavaScript language tools will be discussed. Armed with those tools, a wide range of end-to-end quality workflow can be established, from simple static analysis, syntax augmentation/transformation, dynamic code analysis, as well as run-time complexity profiling.

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Grand Peninsula F - Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - 15:00 to 15:35


Hi Ariya,

Can you add more details about the tooling to the abstract? Is the tooling currently being worked on or is it a more inspiring talk about the future for tooling? If currently activly being developed, is it based on Eclipse or Orion or something else? Is it open source or commercial?


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Hi Gunnar,

The tools are already out there, each of them is open-source (nothing is commercial). There will be a section of about the outlook and the far future but most of the talk is about existing and available tools. They are independent tools, these are not part of one monolithic project. The JS community has evolved into building composeable building blocks which can be put together to fit the workflow of web developers.

Note that many of these topics have been explained in-depth in my blog corner, see e.g. for a selection thereof.



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