Integration tests for RCP made easy with SWTBot and Tycho


Although we live in a modular world, it will always make sense to write and run integration-tests that allow the testing of the whole application, and not just a module. These integration-tests are often the only way to test real usage scenarios that rely on multiple modules and that can be affected by other modules and by the packaging of your application.

Some recent improvements have happened in the Eclipse world to make it easier to produce and run integration tests for RCP applications, reducing significantly their cost while keeping their coverage high, and conformance to real use-cases and ability to spot bugs. This presentation will show how SWTBot Test Recorder can be used to speed up the creation of valid integration-tests against your RCP product, and how Tycho can be used to run it easily on any existing and packaged RCP application, the same as the one your users will get.

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Bayside - Tuesday, March 18, 2014 - 15:00 to 15:35