M2M Lightning Talks


The M2M Lightning Talks are a series of short (10-minute) talks that highlight different aspects of open IoT and M2M development. We are adding talks as the descriptions become available.

Using Kafka to Scale MQTT
Tim Kellogg, 2lemetry

At 2lemetry we've built an MQTT broker that scales horizontally - even in worst case scenarios. Come hear about the challenges in making MQTT scale and how we used Apache Kafka to address some of those issues.

Eclipse OM2M: Standardized Platform for Interoperable M2M Services
Mahdi Ben Alaya and Thierry Monteil, LAAS

This talk will help you understand the OM2M API for creating new M2M applications that interact with heterogeneous WSN, as well as the OM2M internal architecture used for developing new M2M service, protocols, and technologies.

Co-Development of Heterogeneous and Distributed Services with ThingML
Franck Fleurey and Brice Morin, SINTEF ICT

This lightning talk introduces ThingML, an open source, practical model-driven software engineering toolchain composed of a text-based editor developed with the Eclipse Modeling Framework and EMFText, and a set of compilers implemented in Scala.

Advanced MQTT and Kura: Best Practices for  Topic Namespaces in M2M Applications
Wes Johnson, Eurotech

This session presents best practices and guidelines to design your MQTT topic namespace to scale. It introduces Eclipse Kura and describes how it layers these guidelines over the Eclipse Paho library. As a bonus, we will illustrate how such schemes can be leverages to remotely manage the OSGi services via MQTT.


Schedule info
Session Time Slot(s):
Grand Peninsula B - Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - 17:00 to 18:00