Flying sharks and m2m


Some day a certain idea popped up in my head - what if I could hold a shark as a pet... in my flat? But how to proceed? My bathtub would probably be to small for him and I would risk trouble with the veterinary inspection office.

Still the idea would not let go of me so I decided to have at least a bit of it realized by holding a remote controlled shark. I bought some helium - combined it with OSGi, Vaadin UI, a 3D-sensor (similar to kinect), BlackBerry10, Paho,, HiveMQ, three tiny Beagle Bone black, Mihini, Lua, OpenNI, NITE and Jnect. Preparing some electronic circuts and did some minor hacks to implement a proper controller. And here we are... my very own sharky started to swim... in my flat.

At my talk at eclipsecon I will demo how simple it is to remote control an airswimmer ( using m2m. All the steps required to implement the final solution will be explained in detail and I am going to provide this information including the electric circuts at github. So a construction kit is available for your own experiments.

Sharky may become controlled by a Vaadin web UI using a browser, by a 3D-sensor (Asus Xtion Pro) similar to kinect and a BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

In the most unlikely case that sharky gets out of control; no panic! Lie down flat on the stomach, protect your head with the arms and wait until sharky has passed by.

Here you can see a movie from EclipseConEurope talk. Jonas Helmig controlling sharky using the Asus Xtion Pro.

And to get some detailed information about sharky follow:

@program committee: I will need some support from foundation. Sharky needs helium to fly properly. And i can not even carry two bottles of helium with me by plane. So it would be great if foundation could organize the helium in SFO.

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