Conference Apps

The conference apps are now available. Visit the app stores to find the EclipseCon app for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry. Huge thanks to Peter Friese and Ekke Gentz for creating the apps.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend

  1. Learn – EclipseCon attendees have access to 14 tutorials, 120 sessions, 4 theme days (Java 8, Vert.x, IoT/M2M and PolarSys) and the CDT/Linux Tools/PTP Summit
  2. Experts – Talk to the project leaders, committers and industry experts that will be speaking and attending the conference
  3. Information – Start thinking about the new Java 8, what you should know about Eclipse 4, modeling, life cycle tools and other cool stuff.
  4. Unplug and get inspired – Get away from your daily routine. Collaborate on tough problems and find a solution together. You’ll definitely be inspired and discover fresh ideas!
  5. Network – Meet your peers and members of the Eclipse Community. Get to know the Eclipse Foundation Staff Members and ask us all your burning questions.

Why not also stay to visit San Francisco after the conference!


Plan to attend the Hackathon on Tuesday evening!

Join forces with Eclipse project leads and committers to improve your favorite Eclipse project. Our goal for the evening is to convert all hackathon participants into Eclipse contributors. Experienced Eclipse committers and leads help you choose something to work on, answer your questions, and guide you through the contribution process. Some nicely scoped bugs to work on will be provided by project leads. Or you can go your own way and surprise us with something more exciting.

Top 5: Gunnar Wagenknecht

  • The road to Lambda - Alex Buckley
    I’m really looking forward to hear Alex Buckley talking about Lambda. It’s one of the key features of the upcoming Java 8. Together with the library enhancements this forms the baseline for a whole new way of writing Java code. I’ve used similar constructs in other languages before. Having and seeing it in Java will be great.
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