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OW2, the global community for open source infrastructure software, will introduce the STAMP R&D project at EclipseCon France 2018.

STAMP combines scientific and research activities on software testing to improve the quality of distributed applications. It develops and experiments with a novel concept in the area of test automation, called “test amplification”. The objective is to automatically enhance existing test assets, such as unit test suites during the coding phase, and test configurations during the integration phase. This concept can also be applied to log analysis during the operational phase. Therefore, the continuous delivery pipeline can be covered, allowing frequent software updates while detecting regression bugs, improving test coverage, and reducing tests cost.

The STAMP consortium also explores another innovative technology: the extreme mutation testing in a Continuous Integration system, to reduce software testing time. With ten members, including four academic partners, an open source consortium and five software companies, the STAMP project hosts five amplification technique use cases in various domains such as business collaboration, eHealth, smart city, and public administration. STAMP has received funding from the European Union's H2020 research and innovation programme.

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