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Mindus is sponsoring EclipseCon France for the first time. As our product iizi is based on Eclipse, it is natural to become a member of Eclipse Foundation, and spread iizi through its community. We’re looking forward to meeting and exchanging with the Eclipse developers and educators at the conference. We hope you’ll drop by our booth for a demo!







As at last year’s edition, Obeo is glad to be an active sponsor at EclipseCon France 2018.

The Obeo team is excited to be part of EclipseCon France and meet the Eclipse community, from project leaders to users and adaptors. Held at the same time as the annual Eclipse release, the conference is a great chance to unveil the latest major versions of our Open Source projects - including our graphical modeling technology, Eclipse Sirius - and for us to collect your very early feedback.

Last but not least, Obeo loves to attend EclipseCon France as it takes place in Toulouse, the beautiful pink city that is the home of one of our company locations. You'll find us also in Nantes and Paris.

During EclipseCon France, feel free to join us at our booth for a demo of Eclipse Sirius, or just to talk about Obeo and our Open Source technologies. If we don’t meet there, you can be sure that we will enjoy a drink together during the social events!









EclipseCon France is an opportunity for OpCoach to bring our customers and partners together for information and exchange. We regularly contribute to talks, discussions and events on a wide range of Eclipse technologies including E4, EMF, RCP, and Sirius.

OPCoach is located in Toulouse, France and provides to its Europe-wide clients three types of Eclipse technologies related services:


  • Eclipse training - This includes Eclipse RCP, Eclipse 4, EMF, or the latest modeling tools like Xtend, Xtext, Acceleo 3 Sirius, allowing you to integrate the latest updates directly into your projects.
  • Advanced Eclipse expertise - This includes technically advanced issues such as validating architectures, migrating to Eclipse 4, advanced modelization concepts, organization of development teams and other tasks on Eclipse technology.
  • An Eclipse Recruitment Service to get employers and applicants in contact - This service helps companies create Eclipse profiles suitable for hiring for their missions. OPCoach evaluates all candidates on their technical Eclipse skills as well as job motivations.

Like in previous years, OPCoach is happy to sponsor this great conference, to meet you at the booth to chat and to give you pens!





We are very proud to be a sponsor of EclipseCon France. The event is nicely placed in Toulouse, where we have one of our major software development centers. It’s from this center that we’re especially contributing to the Eclipse OM2M project and Orange IoT platforms.

EclipseCon France is a great opportunity to meet with the community, exchange with experts, learn about trends and forge links with Eclipse projects. This has a real value. For example, we see that arising from contacts that the oneM2M standard organization made with the Eclipse IoT community, the Eclipse OM2M project delivered the world’s first reference implementation of the standard in 2015. With this movement from standard to code, oneM2M became a concrete technology for IoT platform developers, and also showed the fantastic potential that open source has for helping to refine and diffuse developing standards.





EclipseCon France is around the corner, and we at TypeFox are proud to sponsor this great community gathering again.

Eclipse has morphed from being an IDE, over a tooling platform to an entire ecosystem, adopting trends and leading new endeavors like IoT, cloud technology and Jakarta EE. Participating in this journey for more than a decade now, we at TypeFox are particularly glad to put our latest open-source project, the Theia framework for cloud and desktop IDEs, under the umbrella of the Eclipse Foundation as well.

We are looking forward to this great conference, in the vivid and beautiful city of Toulouse, with a program stuffed with most up-to-date content from a variety of fields, a really welcoming atmosphere and lots of friends we gathered on our way. Meet us at our booth, we’ll surely have something interesting to show to you.

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