zenoh: the zero network over-head protocol

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The democratisation of connectity and computational capabilities are making it  possible for virtually anything to be connected and thus to share data as well as take decentralised decisions. Several of these new devices  gaining connectivity are powered by small micro-controllers, connected through LoWPAN or LPWAN and in most of the cases battery-powered. As a consequence of the expanded connectivity, the scale of systems is growing, as it is the level of asymettry.  Most of the protocols used today to share data, such as MQTT, AMQP, DDS, CoAP, etc.,  were designed at least a decade ago and did not consider the scenarios that we have to deal-with nowadays with resect to scale, asymmetry, resouce efficiency and functionalities. In this presentation we introduce a new protocl called zenoh (zero network over-head) that is capable of delivering incredible performance on traditional harware, be scaled down to 8-bit micro-controller, such as those used in Arduino Uno, and use as little as 4 byte wire overhead for data. zenoh was designed to deal optimally with devices that go under aggressive sleep schedule, supports peer-to-peer as well as brokered communication and has built-in dynamic discovery.


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