Test-Driven Domain-Specific Language Development with Xtext

Red. Green. Refactor. The mantra of test-driven development is an essential part of professional software craftsmanship. But can we apply the same principles and guidelines when developing a domain-specific language (DSL) with Eclipse Xtext?

The answer is a loud and clear: YES!

Xtext is not only backed by a large number of automated test cases, it also fosters language developers to deliver automated test cases for their own language workbenches.

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EMF + Xtend = BOEM - An Xtend library to build good-looking compiling EMF models

Working on evolving EMF Metamodels?
Testing your business rules?
You surely need easy-to-evolve instances of your metamodel!

In classic approaches, you either had the choice of creating static model instances, which are difficult to maintain, or to use the EMF API (hopefully with some custom helpers) to create compiling models, which are hardly understandable and a real reference nightmare.

Tons of outdated resources or boilerplate code to fix, on a simple metamodel modification. don’t let your tests bring you down.

BOEM will make your day.

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