Work with databases in Eclipse IDE: is there a silver bullet?

When you start working with different databases in your project, the first question that arises is: "What kind of instrumentation should I choose – a single universal tool or a set of various tools?"

We decided to try to look into this problem carefully.  In our talk we will go through advantages as well as problems and challenges that might occur when you work with a bunch of databases (SQL or NoSQL).

We will discuss different tools for working with databases in Eclipse IDE (SQL Development tool, Toad, DBeaver, etc) and take a look at their evolution in answering this question.

Being the authors of one of the most popular open-source database tools – DBeaver, we will deal with this question not only as an Eclipse IDE user but from the standpoint of RCP developers as well.

Maybe, there is no silver bullet but at least you will be able to choose right gun.

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Saying just "Eclipse" in an EclipseCon is extremely confusing as everything is Eclipse ;) It seems like you're talking about the Eclipse *IDE*, if so can you please amend the title and description to explicit that it's about the Eclipse IDE?

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It is a good point and it have been fixed. :)

Thank you for your feedback!


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