Tracing Your Distributed Microservices

Tracing your distributed microservices across multiple vendors and multiple servers can be difficult.  After a user hits your Rest endpoint, how can you get correlated trace messages as this request goes from one service to the next, and from one server to the next, and even from one vendor to the next?  And, how can these trace messages be easily collected, queried, and displayed that is useful for analysis?  Several technologies need to work together to accomplish these goals.  We will start with explaining the distributed tracing standard as defined by  Next, we will explain how the MicroProfile OpenTracing technology simplifies and defines the behaviors and the Java API for creating the necessary trace records.  And, finally, we'll explain how these trace records can easily be consumed by an external distributed tracing facility such as Zipkin or Jaeger.  Demos during the session will show that all of this is doable today.


(I have included the slide deck we used at the Index conference in Feb 2018.  I will be modifying it slightly for EclipseCon due to less time for the session, newer information, and a better open-source example.  But, this gives you a flavor of the open tracing capability.)

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