The time has come to start reducing your RCP technical debt

This talk is a synthesis of several migration missions I have carried out over the last few years and it covers different situations:

  • You are an Eclipse 3 RCP developer and you do not feel comfortable with migrating to Eclipse 4. You have heard about it, you know this migration is unavoidable, but … you don’t really know how to proceed and what benefits you can get from it. 
  • You already compiled your code against the Eclipse 4 platform… it is working, but you are still using the Eclipse 3 mechanisms to develop while you could actually easily use the application model fragments or the injection.

In either case this talk is for you!  

It will give you the following key information:

  • The arguments for migrating to E4
  • The first two steps to be implemented
  • The essential tooling to help you in your development
  • The specific E4 editors that you must now use
  • The right methodology for you to develop onward

You surely have a lot of questions that need answers. Whatever your situation, this talk will take you to the next level of Eclipse 4 development.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018 - 09:45 to 10:20

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